Asbury Park Condos

Condos in Asbury Park, NJ

There are a number of older and new condos in Asbury Park. There are a number of options for resale units and new construction happening now.

Many of the condos in Asbury Park are available for rent and sale. You also have many options to rent Apartments in Asbury Park. See our guides to apartment rentals in Asbury Park or contact a local real estate agent.

From Asbury Park’s Oceanfront condos to downtown (DOAP) to North Asbury (NOAP) and West AP (WEAP) –

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Oceanfront Asbury

  • North Beach
  • 1011 under construction
  • North Asbury (Sunset to Deal Lake Drive

  • Santander
  • Park Place
  • The Miramar
  • Deal Lake Towers
  • Deal Lake Village Condos
  • Asbury Terrace
  • Central Asbury (Sunset south to Asbury Ave)

  • Shoreview
  • Park Place
  • Midway (Kingsley Ave to Grand)

  • The Monroe
  • Asbury Grand
  • Wesley Grove on the Lake
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    Downtown Area (West of Grand – Asbury Ave south to Lake Ave)

  • The Marilyn on Monroe
  • Asbury Grand
  • The Blu
  • Asbury West (West of Main Street)

  • The Lofts
  • Mallory Square